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A trusted source for Information Technology staffing and recruitment in Houston since 1997. Building our business upon integrity and reliability, we adhere to stringent guidelines in our selection criteria and a policy of proactively seeking qualified talent in a wide range of technical areas. Building a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients is dependent upon our success in meeting your staffing needs and understanding the dynamic nature of your business. Experience has shown that clients appreciate our responsiveness in addressing their concerns and our genuine interest in their complete satisfaction.

Reliability through Dedication

Experienced Houston based staffing agency with an exhaustive screening and evaluation process. After an initial phone screen, interested and qualified candidates are invited in for a personal interview where we take the time to identify their strengths, areas of expertise and career goals. If the candidate's abilities and scope of their experience meet your requirements we will present their resume to you for review. Our commitment to the process of identifying quality candidates has made us one of the premier staffing agencies in the Houston area.

Results based on Excellence

The key to success in any industry is to recruit and retain quality employees, this is especially a challenge for companies competing for talent in the IT field. Due to the high demand for technology professionals we use all available resources including social media, employee referrals, and online advertising to attract the brightest minds in their respective fields. We are in a never ending pursuit of innovative talent acquisition methods to connect with them on your behalf.