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Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist

Sugar Land, TX
   |   March 12 2018


  • Buyer or Senior Buyer Minimum of 2-4 years experience in purchasing electronic type parts.
  • Be able to perform task associated with buying/expediting electronic parts.


  1. Proficient at buying and expediting, show initiative in cost reduction when purchasing.
  2. Experienced with MRP systems and computers.
  3. Be able to perform purchasing task with little or no supervision.
  4. Capable of implementing new ideas to save money and increase efficiency in the Purchasing Department
  5. Maintain accurate pricing and lead-times for components in company database.
  6. Resolve any discrepant vendor invoices
  7. Manage and evaluate supplier performance to assure that procurement meets costs, quality and on time delivery
  8. Manage revolving vendor open orders and address supplier issues to minimize impact on manufacturing schedule
  9. Manage vendor non-conformance issues and returns
  10. Generate and maintain complete and accurate purchasing records to facilitate future purchasing decisions.
  11. Review work instructions annually for process controls and continual improvement in compliance with ISO Standards.