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Import Manager

Import Manager

Direct Hire
Houston, TX
   |   March 19 2018


Job Summary:
Responsible for providing overall coordination of import/export processes in the countries covered by his/her Logistics Control Tower (LCT). Acts as an expert of import/export regulation in these countries and helps the Country Logistics Centers (CLCs) and the field operations to plan and execute optimum service delivery.

Direct Manager:

Logistics Control Tower (LCT) Manager

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Responsible for the implementation of import programs to improve services levels to field organization.
  • Accountable for the selection of custom brokers and ensures compliance contracts are in place and regular audits are conducted.
  • Keep abreast of all Customs and Trade Control developments in his/her region, and communicates the impact of these developments to all stakeholders.
  • Develop extensive relationship with Customs and internal stakeholders to ensure customs duty reduction, deferral, and/or exemption programs are utilized to their fullest, aiming operational efficiency.
  • Responsible and accountable to ensure all import tariff codes are correctly applied and data is reported correctly for all incoming shipments.
  • Responsible and accountable for responses to Customs related inquiries (e.g., CF28’s / CF29’s)
  • Establish post-entry review procedures and conduct regular reviews to ensure compliance
  • Build and maintain an effective and expert driven import team aiming at continuous growth of individual and team performance through training, supporting, and motivation.
  • Periodically conduct training for company personnel
  • Accountable for Customs and trade control compliance of all import related activities in their geographic scope.
  • Develop and implements processes for all import compliance in the countries covered by his/her geographic footprint.
  • Act as a customs expert for local organization in his/her geography.
  • Closely monitor Import performance: Compliance, timeliness, and reporting of discrepancies.


  • Licensed U.S. Customs Broker preferred
  • Certified Customs Specialist or Certified US Import Compliance Officer considered
  • 5+ years in Supply Chain Mgmt, with experience in Project Management, import related experience / with at least 2 years management experience

Previous Experience & Competencies:


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in related fields of Supply Chain


  • Minimum five years of experience in Supply Chain Management, with experience in Project Management.

Competencies to be kept current:

  • Good Leadership and management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills including:
  • High collaboration with others
  • Pro-activity
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Must be analytical, structured, able to influence change
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and comfortable performing in an evolving work environment
  • Strong understanding of Logistics and procurement
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred
  • Strong time management and prioritization skills


  • Must have strong ethics in dealings with sensitive information
  • Ability to demonstrate principled leadership with sound business ethics and consistency with principles, values, and behavior