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Medical Front Desk Receptionist

Medical Front Desk Receptionist

Houston , TX
   |   June 14 2018


Responsibility A: Collects patient referral information and enters it accurately.

  • Checks for existing medical record using approved patient look-up method. If no medical record exists, employee will register the patient and create a medical record.
  • Reviews faxed referral order and types all order information in to the appropriate order fields in the EMR.
  • Reviews the newly created order for accuracy- Assures that all demographic information (physician, patient name/alias and payer information) is complete and accurate, including spelling, as measured by supervisory observation and quality audits.
  • Scans the faxed order and places scanned image in the media tab in the EMR.

Responsibility B: Seeks clarification of unclear or omitted data from referral order.

  • Employee will send referral to referring provider when any pertinent information is omitted from referral form, seeking clarification.
  • Communicates to appropriate Manager any difficulty with garnering referral information in a timely manner, as needed.

Responsibility C: Ensures the delivery of excellent customer service and exemplary employee relations.

  • Demonstrates excellent phone skills by seeking and accepting feedback for telephone etiquette self-improvement in a positive manner.

Responsibility D: Participates in achieving hospital/department goals.

  • Maintains knowledge of hospital/department information, as evidenced by a combination of participation in unit meetings or review of meeting minutes.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of on-going hospital/department goals, structures and priorities as evidenced by supervisory observation and verbal/written feedback.
  • Participates in performance improvement initiatives as evidenced by supervisory observation


  • Good verbal/written communication skills and customer service
  • The ability to work autonomously and efficiently with strong emphasis on telecommunications, solid interpersonal skills, strong organizational skills, and computer skills
  • Knowledge of basic medical terminology
  • Operate basic office equipment; proficient in use of word processing/spreadsheet programs and other hospital information systems; utilize a multi-line telephone; and accurately type 40+ words a minute


High School Diploma or GED, and 6 months data entry or clerical experience; experience in a medical or hospital environment.