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C2R Specialist (Tax Accountant)

C2R Specialist (Tax Accountant)

Direct Hire
Houston, TX
   |   March 19 2018


Job Summary:
The C2R Specialist is primarily responsible for the compliance process for a country.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure that the entries under his/her responsibilities are in compliance with Finance Knowledge documents (SFM, FPS, Guidelines) and internal controls rules
  • Contribute to process improvement ideas and implementation with OI teams.
  • Understands the end to end process under his/her responsibility and report gaps through SQs
  • Responsible for preparation, validation and filing of indirect tax returns
  • Prepares statutory and fiscal accounts;
  • Responsbible for preparation, validation and filing of corporate tax returns
  • Reconciles and controls differences between fiscal and management accounting practices.
  • Responsible for preparation of supporting schedules for tax audits and stautory audits
  • Responsible for preparation and submission of internal management reports including FP8, FP6, Itax report etc
  • Understands, reviews, implements and complies with Sarbane Oxley requirements as defined in the risk control matrix;
  • Complies with applicable company policies, including Personnel, Quality System and Health, Safety and Environment standards and procedures;
  • Successfully complete required safety training (including but not limited to FP24, drugs and alcohol, electrical, emergency response, fire, first aid, health and hygiene, PPE, SIPP, risk reporting, IT security, hazardous materials, driving).

Previous Experience and Competencies:

  • Finance or Accounting Degree

Competencies to be kept current:

  • 3+ years experience in a financial role.


Problem Solving: basic skill in project estimation with standard complexity, creative and innovative solutions, analytical oriented, and basic decision making skills communication.

Leadership: functions independently and in a team with basic project mgt. skills.

Communication: standard oral and written communication skills, and customer oriented.

Cross Discipline: basic understanding of company strategy the practice of the principles of Quality Management.