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Center HSE Manager

Center HSE Manager

Direct Hire
Sugar Land, TX
   |   March 14 2018


  • Must have knowledge of local regulations (i.e. working with the city of Sugar Land on things such as waste disposal)
  • To provide line management with continuous advice and support to ensure that HSE remains an integral part of the Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket’s business and equal in priority to production and profitability.
  • Will be a role model in the application of all HSE policies and standards.


  • Reports to Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket Manager and functionally to GeoMarket HSE Manager


  • Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket Staff, Field Service Managers Subordinates: HSE Specialists

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • To develop Managers’ awareness and ensure HSE are an integral part of Line Management responsibilities and objectives.
  • To develop a competent and motivated Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket HSE organization.
  • To assist the Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket Manager in – Planning and Implementation on accidents reduction year on year towards the ultimate goal of Zero accidents
  • Establishing, maintaining, implementing and improving the Health, Safety, Environment and Product Line specific risk.
  • Defining Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket HSE objectives
  • Liaising with local clients, contractors, and agencies regarding HSE
  • Regularly Assessing location risks
  • Preparing HSE plans required to ensure optimum minimization of the above and compliance to HSE policies, standards and procedures, whether generic or Product Line specific
  • Generating and implementing Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket standards and procedures
  • Defining HSE metrics and maintaining related records
  • Monitoring the perception of client services among clients
  • Conducting management review meetings to assess the effectiveness of the HSE Management System and identify required improvements
  • Supporting supply chain function on HSE related contractors (catering, transport, etc.).
  • Ensures all Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket and Product Line specific HSE risks are identified, assessed and that appropriate risk management plans are implemented.
  • To ensure adequate HSE training is provided to all personnel, including contractors, to meet the Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket needs and HSE requirements for minimum and job related training and, working through the Product Lines, ensures that personnel receive appropriate process specific training.
  • To ensure that all accidents and non-conformances are properly notified, investigated, reviewed and followed up, as per the Client HSE Standard 2, and to participate in investigations of major failures and accidents
  • To advise Management on corrective action required
  • To advise Management on the compliance of the local HSE programs with all local and national applicable regulations in the Location/Country/Sub-GeoMarket.
  • To develop and maintain a high level of awareness and active personal involvement among all personnel through prevention and reporting of non-conformances.
  • To lead audit program and verify compliance with client and Product Line standards using appropriate checklists.
  • To develop HSE partnerships with clients, suppliers/contractors and promo client HSE leadership within the Industry.
  • To actively contribute to the development of Global/Area/GeoMarket programs.
  • To keep abreast of any new documentation and training material related to HSE and informs management accordingly.
  • To ensure regular updating of personal certifications and attend to personal training as required.
  • To coach and guide including HSE training and competency progress of your direct report.

Previous Experience and Competencies:

  • Bachelors
  • Complete HSE Training and Development program of G11 and below.
  • Minimum 5 years field experience, Management experience as Field Service Manager or Field Supervisor or equivalent.