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Collaborative Manipulation Roboticist

Collaborative Manipulation Roboticist

Direct Hire
Cambridge , MA
   |   May 31 2018


We are looking for talented PhD and master’s level roboticists specializing in collaborative manipulation to join a multidisciplinary team working on stimulating problems that will lead to disruptive differentiation in functions spanning manufacturing, maintenance and field operations. The successful candidate will closely collaborate with experienced SDR team members and product development entities to design, develop, simulate and test algorithms and software prototypes against harsh oilfield environments. Taking advantage of the vibrant Boston robotic cluster, he/she will participate in strategic engagements with academic research institutions and worldwide industry partners.


  • PhD or Master’s degree with 3 years of industry experience with emphasis on human-robot collaborative manipulation
  • Deep theoretical foundation in relevant artificial intelligence disciplines
  • Working knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS) framework
  • Demonstrated proficiency with relevant programming languages, such as Python and C++, in a Linux environment

Preferred experience

  • Motion planning and inverse kinematics
  • Task planning under uncertainty
  • Supervised, reinforcement/demonstration learning
  • Excellent problem-solving, organizational and communication skills
  • Candidates must have the legal right to work in US