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Fullstack Software Developer

Fullstack Software Developer

Direct Hire
Houston, TX
   |   March 16 2018


Our client has an opening in Houston, Texas for a Fullstack Software Developer. The Fullstack Software Developer evaluates emerging technologies and provides strategic innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to increase efficiency, reliability and integration of  services and operations, working in a semi-autonomous environment where fast prototyping emerging technologies to solve industry-related problems is the rule. The position reports to the software project manager.


The candidate may work on any of the following:
• Collaborates with designers, developers and product owners to implement scalable and interactive applications.
• Identifies and keeps abreast of novel technical concepts and markets.
• Provides technical leadership and documentation to developers and stakeholders.
• Applies usability procedures and principles as defined at project or product-line level or through customer input.
• Builds prototypes, products and systems that meets the project quality standards and requirements.
• Builds sophisticated and elegant user interfaces
• Contributes to and supports re-use through common components that are well documented and tested.
• Interacts and engages with customers, users, and product managers and technical architects to understand needs and increase positive impact of users’ experience.

Qualifications & Experience: 

• Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
• 5 years of professional experience in websockets io and other technologies for near-realtime apps
• Experience with data visualization in web applications (e.g. using d3js)
• Experience with or knowledge of building web applications that allow frontend extensibility with plugin UI components
• Preferably experience with SVG/Canvas or related technologies
• Experiences in systemjs, npm packaging, creating angular components for distribution
• Knowledge of Web Components, Polymer
• Has setup a Jenkins or TFS server in the past for continuous integration
• Proficiency in: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
• Good knowledge and strong experience with AngularJS (Angular 2+), React.JS, Bootstrap, RxJS, Redux
• Strong experience with Node.js and express for developing backend services for the frontend
• Experience with persisting data using SQL or NoSQL database
• Strong experience with CSS, SASS (knowledge of cssnext or others a plus)
• Experience with Functional/Reactive programming and applicable Javascript libraries
• Knowledge and experience with Flux architecture
• Some experience with webpack
• Understand continuous integration
• Learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
• Excellent time-management, multi-tasking, and communication skills. Capable of juggling multiple projects and related complexities at the same time.
• Good interpersonal and communication skills
• Interest in delivering appealing and easy to use user interfaces
• Knowledge of design principles and user interaction standards
• Knowledge of visual aesthetic components: layout, fonts, color, animations, graphic elements
• Have a good understanding of latest frameworks and technology trends
• Work on a wide variety of tasks using emerging technologies
• Candidates must be able to legally work and reside in the US, without sponsorship