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Instrument Supervisor

Instrument Supervisor

Houston, Texas
   |   May 02 2018


Instrument Supervisor Job Requirements:

  • Provides technical expertise to evaluate instrument and process control works execution for compliance to contract, design data, schedule/cost budgets and quality .
  • Works with and through the EPC contractors and their respective construction managers to achieve the following:
  • Provide a safe work place by ensuring implementation of the onsite requirements of the Construction Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Plan.
  • Participates in site inductions, tool box meetings and other safety meetings.
  • Works proactivity with the contractor on hazard recognition and unsafe work practices.
  • Ensure that the safe working practices are carried out in accordance with the approved safety plan and method statements.
  • Work with construction contractors superintendents to improve safety, productivity and schedule and scope of work issues.
  • Responsible for initiating any changes required to correct deficiencies which are identified through the inspections and audits.
  • Maintain close contact with the Area Construction Manager during the construction and pre commissioning phases of the project in order to ensure an adequate flow of information regarding activities and material deliveries to the construction sites to meet established schedule, cost and productivity objectives.
  • Participate in reviews of construction schedules and milestones and monitor project progress against the established Master Project Schedule.
  • Assists technical assurance inspection team for issues concerning adherence to specification, codes or standards.
  • Monitors daily progress and records observations of quantities installed
    Inspects the quality of the work on a daily basis
  • Reviews contractors work progress and inspection program and assigns technical assurance inspectors.
  • Maintains close liaison with other discipline supervision to ensure effective coordination of work activities.
  • Signs to endorse electrical test results.
  • Reviews contractors inspections and tests with technical assurance team.
  • Participates in the Risk Management Program and assists in the identification of risks and actions to eliminates or mitigate the risks.
  • Provides leadership to the construction management electrical inspection team and creates the project environment to deliver the desired results through teamwork, support and recognition.
  • Prepares punch lists and expedites the rework correction.