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Mechanical CAD Designer

Mechanical CAD Designer

Sugar Land, TX
   |   March 06 2018


Job Summary:

Prepares and maintains engineering or sustaining project design layouts, production drawings and other related documentation per ANSI/ Client standards completely and accurately considering methods of manufacture, tolerance, and their effect on related parts or assemblies.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties: •

  • Functions as a design engineer for routine/correction (ECR & ECO)
  • Prepares average complexity original mechanical layouts using the CAD system •
  • Depending on seniority, prepares and maintains the most complex mechanical and average complexity electrical/electronic product/production drawings and other related documentation from layouts, sketches, or verbal instruction using the CAD system on a consistent and competent basis.•
  • Responsible for the accuracy of his/ her own assignments except features of design which are the responsibility of the project engineer.
  • Possesses a total understanding of ANSI/Client drafting methods, standards and procedures.•
  • Possesses a total understanding of client manufacturing processes and techniques, and interpretation of ANSI/ Client standards and procedures•
  • Possesses a total understanding of mechanical and basic knowledge of electrical/ electronic product line•
  • Maintains accurate status reports on all projects assigned.•
  • Successfully complete required safety training (including but not limited to drugs and alcohol, electrical, emergency response, fire, first aid, health and hygiene, PPE, SIPP, risk reporting, IT security, hazardous materials, driving)


  • Good communication skills (written and oral)•
  • Ability to contribute independently•
  • Quality and detail oriented•
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment

Education Requirements:

Education: Depending on the local education system, this can be Diplomas, high school graduate preferably followed with two year technical school or associate degree, engineering degrees. All should be in the relevant subject (electrical, manufacturing or specifically drafting).

Key Competencies: •

  • Systems (product file management system, ERP)•
  • Relevant CAD Systems•:  Electromechanical Design• Manufacturing Technology• Material Selection• Mechanical System Design• Product Maintainability• Product Reliability• Simulation and Modeling• Testing