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Software Developer

Software Developer

Katy, TX
   |   September 12 2017


The Presto Software Developer is a long-term contract located in Katy, TX.



  • Design and implement communication middleware that interacts with control system, and acquisition & supervisory control software
  • Design and implement equipment data model to enable efficient information exchange between different software applications
  • Design and implement software based control applications
  • Responsible for software configuration management, testing and deployment
  • Test software modules or components following prescribed methods
  • Resolve software defects found during testing
  • Develop unit, regression, integration and performance testing profiles for small to medium size software
  • Produce software development and testing reports
  • Keep track of defects and build baselines
  • Collaboration with other development teams.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Management Information Systems
  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with DDS
  • Experience with Linux, GitLab, TFS, and MS Visual Studio
  • Experience with SQL and database design
  • Knowledge of Real Time systems
  • Telecommunication equipment and protocols are a plus
  • Experienced or willingness to learn testing tools for unit and integration testing
  • Experienced or willingness to learn reporting tools
  • Availability to perform installation at offsite location may be required