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Procurement Administrator

Procurement Administrator

Houston, TX
   |   January 04 2018




  • Creating and managing Purchase Orders (Increases, Cancellations, Closure, Reconciliations, etc.).
  • Maintaining the SAP transaction database, ensuring accurate inventory at each proppant storage location.
  • Contacting Proppant Suppliers for daily Purchase Order Balance Reports and Updates.
  • Contacting Proppant Suppliers for daily and final Purchase Order Load Our Reports.
  • Performing Goods Receipts for all transactions outside of Supplier Proppant (eg. Rail Cars, Transload Fees, etc.)
  • Working with the Procure to Payment (P2P), Reconciliation and Accounts Payable (AP) teams in researching and completing transaction queries (ie “DFM” Cases).
  • Compiling End of Month Transload Reports and distributing to management.
  • Hosting bi-weekly presentations on operations and process improvement.
  • Compliance with all Schlumberger, and local processes and procedures applicable to the job function.
  • All other assigned duties as defined by the assigned NAL Proppant Manager.


  • Working with the supplier management team to create and update supplier Catalogs on SWPS.
  • Working with the Logistics Control Tower team to update and maintain the Transload Facility Database (Route Guide).

Updating the Network Optimization Tool (NOT) Input Database

Minimum Education & Experience:


  • Associates’ degree or Equivalent with 2 years SAP experience OR
  • High School Degree or Equivalent with 4 years of SAP experience
  • Information Technology Competence:
    -MS Office 2013+


  • A preferred proven ability to manage and control paperwork for a high-volume inventory throughput environment

Competencies and Key Behavioral Factors:

• Strong communication skills (verbal & written),
• Adaptability,
• Creativity and Resourcefulness,
• Proven Teamwork Skills,
• Strong and Demonstrated Initiative