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   |   May 15 2018


The P&LS Recruiter is directly responsible for the identification and selection of fresh-out and experienced professionals for Product & Logistics Services via a well-defined recruitment process. He/she ensures a smooth induction of all new recruits and monitors progress within the first year of their career.

The P&L Recruiter will report to HR Management/Line Management/Recruiting & Staffing Management.

Main Responsibilities
• Responsible for management of the Company’s recruiting and staffing plans of fresh-out and experienced professionals based on current and future activity forecasts.
• Obtains resumes from various sources as per established process; screens, reviews and secures candidates.
• Ensures consistent corporate image throughout recruiting campaigns.
• Assists in creating social media campaigns and monitoring sites for responses
• Collects and discusses the viability of candidacy and makes final recommendations about the suitability of the candidate.
• Supports candidate’s transition from current organization into Product & Logistics Services.
• Coordinates induction of new recruits and monitors progress and success through the first year of their career.
• Monitors the induction and orientation course (NEST) for new hires.
• Identifies and maintains regular contact with external advertising and recruiting agencies to support the recruiting process when needed.
• Generates monthly statistics to keep abreast of recruitment status.
• Complies with all applicable P&LS standards and policies.
• Assists with the coaching and development of new team members.
• Identifies and participates in continuous improvement initiatives.
• Promotes privacy awareness, manages and oversees the deployment of Data Protection requirements and the Company’s Privacy Strategy.
Previous Experience and Competencies:
• Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or relevant study, or
• 3+ years recruiting
• Driver recruiting experience a plus
• Social networking media proficiency
• Candidates must be able to legally work and reside in the US, without sponsorship