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Robotics Research Scientist – Intelligent Manipulation

Robotics Research Scientist – Intelligent Manipulation

Direct Hire
Cambridge, MA
   |   September 12 2017


Our client is conducting applied research and evaluation of cutting-edge technology for the advancement of automation in oilfield operations. The successful candidate will closely collaborate with his/her research peers and engineering teams to design, develop, simulate and test research prototypes in real-world oilfield applications. We are looking for highly motivated research scientists with a robotics PhD degree focused on intelligent manipulation to join a talented multidisciplinary team working on intellectually stimulating automation applications related to manufacturing and field operations.  He/She will be expected to participate in collaborations with academic research institutions and industry partners in the space of robotics and automation.

PhD degree in robotics with research emphasis on intelligent manipulation
Deep expertise in path and activity planning with uncertainty, obstacle avoidance, dexterous manipulation and computer vision
+3 years experience in supervised learning, adaptive reasoning or human-robot collaboration preferred
Hands-on experience with data acquisition, electromechanical design and control
High-quality research publications in robotics and autonomy

Candidates must be able to legally work and reside in the US without sponsorship