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Sr. Program Analyst

Sr. Program Analyst

   |   December 04 2017



To organize and administer the configuration and development of Integrated Delivery Systems, and to devise and design technical requirements of systems, and is charged with the documentation and development of well-defined methods, procedures, programs and configurations in the delivery of systems.


  •  Analyzes and conducts the design and modification of Integrated Delivery System systems.
  • Analyzes and determines computerized solutions for the Integrated Delivery System concerning compliance with regulatory agencies and the client strategic plan.
  • Appraises effectiveness of systems flow, data usage, and manual or automated processes to identify ineffectiveness or inefficiency of the system.
  • Develops, designs, and modifies technical specifications for the Integrated Delivery System.
  • Coordinates the design and analysis of the implementation of new systems and the modifications of existing systems.
  • Implements and controls the configuration and development of systems.
  • Controls system configuration and development process by establishing standards, measuring work in process, interpreting results, and taking corrective action.
  • Develops and administers the system configuration and development plan.
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities to team members according to ability, priority, etc.
  • Performs independent programming for segments of complex problems according to the technical specifications and standard system implementation techniques.
  • Analyzes system performance and optimizes programs accordingly.
  • Provides configuration, tuning, and upgrades to systems as needed.
  • Initiates and implements new programming techniques, methods, procedures, approaches, and standards.
  • Administers program and system tests.
  • Develops and administers data verification methods and plans as needed.
  • Assures coded logic performs as required by testing and correcting programs via trial runs, and combines individual programs into a job stream.
  • Performs system integration testing to ensure system integrity.
  • Develops system documentation.
  • Develops documentation standards. • Prepares program code documentation in compliance with standards.
  • Prepares system configuration procedures in compliance with standards.
  • Prepares documentation concerning program and configuration issues, bugs, and resolutions in compliance with standards.
  • Maintains systems.
  • Controls system operations by finding and correcting errors in the system.
  •  Implements modifications to the system to accommodate new or changing requirements.
  • Provides emergency support for malfunctioning systems.
  • Coordinates activities and information dissemination with manager, other Information Services personnel, users and vendors.
  • Coordinates development and maintenance programming activities with management, other Information Services personnel, users, or vendors during all phases of the system life cycle.
  • Participates in meetings concerning user consulting, systems analysis, system design, and vendor contracts. •
  • Serves as Information Services department representative in meetings with other Integrated Delivery System components in developing data processing solutions designed to solve practical IDS problems.
  • Participates in strategic planning and Hospital-wide data planning.
  • Participates in the development of a minimum of data set for all information systems.
  • Participates in the development of a defined and structured data dictionary for usage with all implementation efforts and to provide a uniform understanding enterprise-wide of the data between interacting systems.
  • Provides expert consultation for strategic planning in the arena of data flow and analysis across various systems.
  • Provides support for compliance to Joint Commission Information Management Standards


  •  Knowledge at expert level of current application and system development techniques.
  • Knowledge of relational databases, appropriate programming languages, data structures, associated computer hardware, computer networking, a variety of operating systems and client/server data processing techniques.
  • Ability to demonstrate logic, analytical and verbal and written communication skills, team-oriented work habits, good interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to different levels of technical experience.


  • Must have High School Diploma or GED
  • Preferred – Master’s in a Science degree
  • Must have 8 years experience in major system design & implementation experience
  • Preferred – Project Management or Project Leadership experience

*Bachelor’s degree will substitute four (4) years of work experience.  Master’s degree will substitute for two (2) years of work experience. Up to two (2) years of clinical patient care and/or clinical research experience may substitute for up to two (2) years of information systems experience on a month to month basis.