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Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst

Houston, TX
   |   March 28 2018


Duties: Task #1: Translates users needs into Detail Requirement specifications. Support the system installation through the implementation cycle.  Performs Configuration analysis for system design associated with small and less complex projects.  Analyzes system problems and modifications.   Coordinates implementation and upgrades of systemo Export Voalte directory information for review by using departments for accuracy Recommend that this service be performed quarterly.• Update and Maintain device management process for Voalte smartphones using Voalte Connect.Knowledge of AirWatch and/or ability to become proficient at using the MDM.

o Creating smart groups, pushing out applications, profiles, etc.

• Develop, update and maintain processes for changes in Voalte smartphone ownership;

o Ordering new equipment

o Provisioning of new or existing phones

o Requesting and processing RMA’s to Zebra

o Maintaining spares pool

o Training users and leadership on device management best practices and aiding with finding lost equipment.

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Skills: Knowledge of current business practices and computing systems, interfaces, and Hospital standard software.  Familiarity with applicable operating systems used by the Hospital and data processing techniques and practices.  Familiarity with a variety of hardware and software environments.  A working knowledge of the healthcare industry is also required.  Project management and planning, process mapping, group presentation, leadership, team building, written and verbal communication, analytical, and organizational skills, ability to analyze the functionality of systems and their fit with specifications, and ability to work independently with minimum supervision.2. Voalte Training and Orientation Management• Develop, update, and deliver training for new employee orientation for Voalte users.• Maintain training materials and make easily available to staff for self-review and refresher.

• Provide upgrade training for changes in functionality affecting end users.

• Provide on-site support during upgrades to complete proper testing/validation.

3. Voalte System Issue Escalation Management

• Maintain process for end users to report Voalte issues.

o Understand and Communicate the Voalte Support Process and off hours Escalation Procedures to users.

• Assist with resolving/troubleshooting issues (help pull log files, replicate, document).

• Assist with escalations to the appropriate Customer or vendor contact.

• Assist with escalation of issues regarding network or servers to the appropriate customer contact.

• Track and trend Voalte issues to institute process improvements where possible to reduce issue escalations.


Education: H.S. Diploma or GED.4 years experience in information systems.Bachelors Degree will substitute for 2 years of work experience.Masters Degree will substitute for 4 years of work experience.