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Is your email address ready for your job search?

Is your email address ready for your job search?

You have spent hours on end sprucing up your resume to get it just right. Now you are ready to embark on a job search, you submit your first application and your email address is or gymrat@ or bobandsusie@. A clever or humorous email address may be fine for social media or personal use but not for a job search. A professional email address is a must when making a first impression to a potential employer. They do not need to be short or condensed since in most cases the employer will respond by clicking on it or copy & paste. So what should a professional email address be?

1. Ideally a combination of first and last name and/or initials. It is okay to use “.” or “_” or “-” and the current year to get one that is available. For example is perfectly fine and appropriate
2. You can personalize it to your job search as in
2. Do not use your current work email address
3. Stay away from religious, or political references and affiliations
4. Never imbed your birth year into your email address
5. It should be specific to you and not include your spouse or family such as karenandjoe@ or the smithfamily@ etc.
6. Your full name as a sender should be appropriately capitalized, not all lower case or abbreviated

It is important that all your communications with your potential employers or network are professional and a proper email address is a good starting point.

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