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Clinical Research and Education Coordinator

Clinical Research and Education Coordinator

Houston , TX
   |   June 20 2018


We are currently recruiting for a Clinical Research and Education coordinator for a major hospital in Houston, TX.  The Knowledge required for completely satisfactory performance in this job is a working knowledge of data management practices therapy education requirements and security procedures basic statistics and principles of performance improvement and patient safety.

Skills Required for completely satisfactory performance in this job:

  • The ability to effectively communicate at all levels to gain and convey information to both internal and external customers strong organization and planning skills; efficient time management
  • Ability to set priorities based upon department needs and project deadlines
  • Collaboration with other team members to assure success
  • Understanding of research process including grant applications budgets data analysis and IRB applications
  • Ability to develop and navigate data bases in Excel and develop PowerPoint presentations;
  • Working knowledge of ICD9-CM and commonly used scoring methods in therapy related standardized tests.
  • Incumbent must have the ability to take initiative in identifying problems that affect quality independently problem-solve cooperatively interact with a variety of people and departments and work in a team environment.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Health Information Management or other related field; Five (5) years of experience in research related work through a medical or academic institution.