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Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist

Houston , Texas
   |   June 21 2018


We are searching for a Medical Technologist—someone who works well in a fast-paced hospital setting. In this position you’ll perform technical laboratory procedures, analyze statistical data, and report results to be used for prediction and diagnoses of disease and provision of quality patient care. We need someone who can provides age appropriate care by following established technical protocols based on age of patient, using appropriate instrumentation, and reporting and interpreting results based on normal ranges.

Responsibilities :

  • Performs Specimen Testing and maintains documentation systems
  • Organizes workload to ensure to prioritize specimen samples using first-in-first out so that patient results are released within 60 minutes from time of receipt
  • Performs routine and special test procedures accurately according to the policies & procedures, recognizing and troubleshooting questionable orders and results, delta checking and repeating tests when necessary
  • Follows standard work per job guidance sheets and walk patterns to improve timeliness and quality of laboratory testing
  • Performs and documents blood inventory activities, blood selection for patient use, and component processing
  • Performs and documents quality control procedures, calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Processes and Packages specimens for shipping to the Main Campus other reference labs
  • Performs phlebotomy procedures
  • Orders, Labels, and Processes specimens for testing in laboratory
  • Analyzes College of American Pathologists (CAP) and other proficiency testing samples and obtains accurate results in a timely manner


  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • One of the following is also required:
  • Certification as a Medical Technologist (MT) by ASCP, NCA,AMT, or CLS
  • Certification as a Medical Lab Scientist (MLS) by ASCP
  • Certification as a Clinical Lab Specialist (CLS) by NCA
  • Certification in Molecular Biology (MB), Molecular Pathology (MP), Blood Banking (BB), Chemistry (C), Hematology (H), or Microbiology (M) by ASCP
  • Valid Medical Technologist license from any state