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Assisstant Accountant

Assisstant Accountant

   |   July 02 2018


The Assistant Accountant is responsible for routine transaction processing and standard reporting.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist in performing balance sheet account reconciliation and preparation of associated balance sheet notes.
  • Process intercompany, inventory, fixed asset or other transactions involving financial systems.
  • Perform subsystem control including client receivables, fixed assets, payroll and inventory.
  • Assist in preparing general ledger entries including prepaids, accruals, allocations, etc.
  • Assist in preparing routing reports as required.
  • Understands, reviews, implements and complies with Sarbane Oxley requirements as defined in the risk control matrix.
  • Complies with applicable company policies, including Personnel, Quality System and Health, Safety and Environment
  • Ensures Revenue Recognition Criteria are met
  • Review and pursue collection of outstanding receivables monthly.
  • Ensure fixed asset listing is current by performing audits. Prepare disposals as needed.
  • Ensure outstanding purchase orders are kept current, and monitor spending on weekly basis.
  • Ensure revenue is recorded in a timely manner, and in the month, it is generated.
  • Prepare financial forecasts and monitor results.
  • Prepare month end journal vouchers and provide management reconciled balance sheet accounts.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly FP20 report. Review P&L weekly and report results to management.
  • Ensure a physical inventory is taken and recorded monthly and review product cost fluctuations

Education Requirements: Technical Finance or Accounting Certificate or equivalent experience.

Required Experience: 0-2 years’ experience in a financial role.