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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Houston, TX
   |   January 10 2019


This is a Contract position for a renowned Hospital located in the Medical Center of Houston.


The Business Systems Analyst has a role in developing clinical/business solutions by investigating processes to understand data and communications flow with individual tasks and transactions and to manage the on-going maintenance of applications. This role will investigate processes to meet end user needs within the hospital.  Additionally, provide financial systems support, coordinate system upgrades, and to provide other system support for the hospital. The Business Systems Analyst I role may require travel to practices sites, including but may not be limited to travel within Houston and Austin.


Responsibility A: Collaborates with internal core stakeholders to identify system issues and process needs and ensures EMR and other systems are being optimized.

  • Assists users in determining specific requirements to increase system effectiveness.
  • Analyze and evaluate existing and /or proposed systems.
  • Document the current state into future states of clinical/business processes.
  • Assists in vendor analysis and selection.
  • Investigate alternative solutions including feasibility studies using results from vendor analysis/evaluations.
  • Uses data to identify trends, patterns and opportunities for the business/clinical operations.
  • Engages users in analysis and evaluation of functional models and prototypes; identify dependencies.

Responsibility B: Supports continued system maintenance and optimization.

  • Provides input to project upgrades and optimization.
  • Develops, schedules and facilitates test plans for hardware, network, integration, user acceptance and parallel usage for end-users.
  • Updates/develops downtime procedures for end-users.
  • Develops training programs and materials/documentation for all user types.
  • Reviews and tests systems for conformance to functional and performance requirements.
  • Identifies the impacts and dependencies for optimization and upgrades.
  • Demonstrates efficiencies of the new system and provide feedback to teams.
  • Analyzes impact on users and determines if additional training is required.

Responsibility C: Analyzes system problems and modifications.

  • Analyzes use of existing systems to identify and resolve problems.
  • Evaluates business procedures and problems for process improvement.
  • Recommends modifications to application design or current procedures to maximize advantages of existing resources.
  • Assists users to resolve problems with application use.
  • Documents issues, activities, and solutions employing standard methodology and utilities. Responsibility D: Coordinates training of systems.
  • Develops and maintains training materials and training environment for systems training.
  • Assists with upgrade testing.
  • Analyzes impact on users and determines if additional training is required.
  • Communicates with vendors to address problems and resolutions.
  • Schedules sessions with users to view new systems and upgrades.
  • Assists with development and training of new hires and existing employees.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of current business practices and computing systems, and pharmacy standard software.
  • Familiarity with a variety of hardware and software environments.
  • A working knowledge of the healthcare industry is also required.
  • Knowledge of Epic applications preferred.
  • Familiarity with pharmacy staff, data processing techniques and practices.
  • Project management and planning, group presentation, team building, written and verbal communication, analytical, and organizational skills, ability to analyze the functionality of systems and their fit with specifications, and the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

QUALIFICATIONS The formal education and experience required for completely satisfactory performance in this job are as follows:


Bachelor’s Degree: computer science, business administration, healthcare administration, or nursing

Experience 2 years’ experience in information systems