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Quality Technician

Quality Technician

Houston, TX
   |   September 11 2018


This is a long term contract position for a global company located in the Greenspoint area.

Job Summary:

An EMS Quality Technician is responsible to conduct quality control activities within EMS organization. This translates primarily to conducting inspection and test activities within the function they are attached to, report the result of these activities (including any nonconformance found), and perform other related supporting activities to enable these. Thus he/she needs to have hands-on practical skills to conduct the activities he/she is assigned to, complemented by understanding of the overall Quality Management System they operate under, how would the nonconformance they face with daily would affect the performance of the overall equipment/system they’re built into, and basic Information technology (IT) skills to enable conducting operation.

Relationships: An EMS Quality Technician supporting manufacturing activities reports either to a Supervisor Quality Engineer, Team Leader or Technology Center Quality Systems Manager – depending on the size of the organization. Those that support engineering activities would report to either a Reliability Engineer, Test Engineer, or Test Facility Manager – again depending on the size of the organization.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • For those conducting inspection activities – inspect documentation/part/component/material/subassemblies/equipment against stated specification(s), ensuring that each inspection is done using measurement system with valid calibration and acceptable repeatability and reproducibility – following applicable inspection procedure/Standard Work and ensure compliance against these.
  • For those conducting manufacturing tests – perform these tests as per their test procedure/Standard Work and ensure compliance against these.
  • For those conducting engineering tests – conduct the tests as per the test plan, ensuring compliance against it. When necessary, assist in design of tests and fixtures and their set-up.
  • Ensures all inspection/test activities are conducted in safe manner: participate in creation/review of HARC (Hazard Analysis and Risk Control) for these activities and ensure a valid one is available prior to conducting the activity.
  • When authorized, perform calibration of measurement systems following the defined procedure for the activity.
  • Be familiar with inspection/test procedure/Standard Work or test plan they would carry out; provide input to continuously improve them
  • Document the results of inspections and tests conducted using the designated business system, following the defined procedure/test plan- including any nonconformance(s) found. Verify stability of result over time (when system to do this is in place).


  • 2 years