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Logistics Specialist

Logistics Specialist

Houston, TX
   |   April 11 2019


Job Summary:

Responsible for the overall coordination of freight. Act as the primary focal point for all in/outbound transportation activities including analyzing the business while taking ownership of establishing new opportunities to improve processes or decrease secondary distribution spend.


  • Analyze logistics data and executing reports to identify and actualize cost savings opportunities.
  • Supervise all third party activities including invoice reviewing.
  • Lead initiatives and realize domestic inbound and/or outbound freight savings Manage logistics operations to ensure efficient and accurate delivery of shipments and to build long-term logistics relationship with customers.
  • Ensure internal alignment and common goals/objectives to support Internal customers.

Skills: Must have strong ethics in dealings with Suppliers & Contractors

  • Collaboration with others
  • Negotiating and Presentation skills
  • Must be Analytical and structured
  • Must posses Networking skills

Education Requirements: BA Degree in Business Management or similar or Equivalent 2-5 years experience relating to logistics with specific understanding of supply chain, planning, scheduling, and logistics concepts.