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Sr. Telecom Analyst

Sr. Telecom Analyst

Houston, TX
   |   May 11 2018


. Voalte Directory & Device Management

  • Maintain process for submitting directory changes to Voalte directory (Voalte Web Admin Portal).

o Add/delete/update users, roles, teams, units, departments, system contacts requested by using departments.

o Export Voalte directory information for review by using departments for accuracy Recommend that this service be performed quarterly.

  • Update and Maintain device management process for Voalte smartphones using Voalte Connect.


Knowledge of AirWatch and/or ability to become proficient at using the MDM.

o Creating smart groups, pushing out applications, profiles, etc.

  • Develop, update and maintain processes for changes in Voalte smartphone ownership;

o Ordering new equipment

o Provisioning of new or existing phones

o Requesting and processing RMA’s to Zebra

o Maintaining spares pool

o Training users and leadership on device management best practices and aiding with finding lost equipment.

  1. Voalte Training and Orientation Management
  • Develop, update, and deliver training for new employee orientation for Voalte users.
  • Maintain training materials and make easily available to staff for self-review and refresher.
  • Provide upgrade training for changes in functionality affecting end users.
  • Provide on-site support during upgrades to complete proper testing/validation.
  1. Voalte System Issue Escalation Management
  • Maintain process for end users to report Voalte issues.

o Understand and Communicate the Voalte Support Process and off hours Escalation Procedures to users.

  • Assist with resolving/troubleshooting issues (help pull log files, replicate, document).
  • Assist with escalations to the appropriate Customer or vendor contact.
  • Assist with escalation of issues regarding network or servers to the appropriate customer contact.
  • Track and trend Voalte issues to institute process improvements where possible to reduce issue escalations.