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How to Write an ATS Friendly Resume

26 Jan, 2017

How to Write an ATS Friendly Resume

Almost all staffing agencies and most major employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage resumes. According to Ed Struzik , an IBM expert on ATS technology, the percentage of large corporations using such systems is in the high-90’s. Among many features and benefits of an ATS is the ability to filter resumes based on keywords. It has become increasingly important to ensure that you resume is “ATS friendly” or that your resume is parsed correctly by automated software applications. Here are some tips to write an effective resume:

  • Use simple formatting without Headers/Footers, Columns or Tables
  • Avoid any special characters and fancy bullets and never include images or graphics
  • Stick with common fonts and do not use colors
  • Save your resume in MS Word or Text format only, do not use a PDF format
  • Do not use Templates as they use formatting that you will not detect readily
  • Use common headings such as Summary, Experience, Education etc.
  • Be consistent when writing your employment history. For example, Company, Title, Location and Date (in reverse chronological order)

It is important to remember that in the end your resume content is what will get you noticed. Be very specific when describing your skillset and responsibilities.